Innovative charging solutions for commercial and residential

Luxury Apartment & Condominium

Working with design and intimate knowledge of luxury apartment and condominium operations through a risk management lens, we understand the intricacy associated with investing in community betterment projects. We work with living communities throughout the process to help build the case for instillation and addition of elective vehicle solutions, and to flawlessly install, service and maintain the charging stations.

Commercial & Fleet

There are additional risks when working in volume and we recognize the critical nature of a seamless link between business functions, such as transportation. We design with the business in mind – optimizing the value of a fleet or commercial solution  to ensure that the transition to EV draws maximum value.

Public Sector

System modernization will become a key focus for cities and especially for the major metro of Miami-Dade. The importance of sustainability and the competitive advantages of progressing in today’s environment remains paramount. We understand the sensitivity of public sector work and the public’s reliance on its proper function – with that focus, we work with Public Sector organizations to help demonstrate the best value while assuring that we design for traditional and emerging considerations. We also supplement our public sector services by enhancing methodology design and utilization scenarios where necessary.

New Construction & Retrofit

Most new construction needs to consider the necessity of electric and solar options in order to build for the future, and even for the now. We are working to ensure that all of our new construction practices continuously enhance the viability of a project and create value for the overall design. If there are retrofit considerations of older projects or locations, we work to bring merit to the option through cost-benefit analysis. We also pride ourselves in transparently delivering our analysis to ensure that project managers, builders, contractors and designers retain the option to confidently present findings of electric or solar solutions.

Preconstruction, Progressive Bidding, Buyout

In line with our understanding of the importance of optimized value and defined strategies for improvement, we work to support design, architecture and construction teams throughout the bidding and construction process. We will work through the project stages to remain nimble and help to create the needed value throughout the life of the project and into implementation.

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