Edgar Benitez, PE

A professional engineer equipped with an extensive background in electrical engineering and power generation. Edgar’s specific knowledge in electric, hydraulic, and mechanical systems through over two decades of leadership in engineering unique power solutions, provides our team with an intricate technical knowledge of power delivery and electric/solar solution enhancement.


Electrical Engineering 15+ years
Power Generation 10+ years
Project Management 10+ years

Lisset Benitez

Spending the entirety of her career between accountancy and risk management, Lisset guides the company’s overall solution delivery with a unique focus on risk. She provides a contextual frame of reference to all engagements and guides clients with a sound understanding of traditional property & casualty risks associated with a transition electric. Her knowledge and work with commercial clients from large fleet transportation, luxury condominiums, municipalities and other various top-tier companies throughout Miami-Dade has fine-tuned her ability to create impressively innovative yet conservative solutions.

Accounting 5+ years
Risk Management 10+ years
Client Advocacy 15+ years

Guillermo Benitez

An Automation Control Systems Engineer with more than 20 years of experience designing, projecting and deploying systems from automated factories to luxury yachts. Guillermo’s last ten years of Business Administration skills can bring to our team a strong combination of technical expertise and project management.

Automation Control Systems 25+ years
Business Administration 10+ years
Project Management 15+ years