Who we are

We believe in the future of sustainable energy and the need to transition our society, cultural values and metro-city habits to meet the needs of a zero-emission horizon. We’ve built our mission into each of our services, accelerating the delivery of sustainable solutions to South Florida and its surrounding communities.

What we focus on

With our goal to bring sustainability to the forefront in our city, we have built to meet the rising need for electrical vehicle charging stations strategically placed in commercial and residential areas. Our focus and our leadership’s history in electrical engineering, commercial and municipal planning has allowed us to evolve into a leader in the delivery of affordable solutions in the installation, facilitation and promotion of EV vehicle solutions throughout Miami-Dade.


When it comes to partnerships, we’re selective. We pride ourselves in seamless and excellent delivery, but we understand that a portion of this excellence lies in our reliance on the partners helping us deliver our sustainable solutions. We are always searching for the most innovative solutions commit ourselves to continuously keeping a finger on the pulse of progress.

Commitment to our Community

As a team we feel privileged to serve our community and its commitment to progress – the city’s overall contribution to our nation’s level of sustainability. We understand the belief and the investment involved in a transition to electric and solar solutions and we vow to continuously deliver on our commitments, while giving back to the community that has afforded us the potential to evolve with the need. 

In this light, we have committed to partnerships with various organizations benefiting the greater Miami-Dade community in our effort to share our progress with our home.